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Skills play a vital role for students who aspire to get a job, in fact, we can say that in the coming future the value of the degree will get reduced and the value of skill get ascended.  If you see a tailor trains his upbringing in tailoring, likewise a vegetable shopkeeper or a person who repairs punctures of vehicle. 

What are the benefits of taking all these skills?

If you are skilled enough then you won’t die hungry. You may lose your job in some organization, you have to follow instructions, or one has to behave like a slave. But having your own setup or business has different difficulties but one has ownership of that.   

Types of skills one should surely have:

  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Management skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Computer skills
  • Time-management skills

Many students in our country are unable to get the opportunity of making themselves skilful, and the reasons behind them are much lack of opportunity, lack of money, big organizations taking a huge amount to make students skilful, and people who have less or no monetary support gets lacked in skills. Education one can get from different schools, tutions so students can have a different source of education but skill development organizations are very less in this country, and its scope in the future is very high and steadily many organizations have taken initiative in making India skilful.

What is the importance of skill development?

Personal Development: Skill development enhances the proficiency of a person in any particular area. Skill enhances to build a professional network, better communication, time management, and negotiation skills. 

Methods of skills development?

  • Training: This method includes developing employee skills through a combination of lectures, hands-on- exercises, videos, podcasts, simulations, and individual/group-based assignments.
  • Task/job rotations: Employees could volunteer to rotate roles with colleagues on a shift/team, to put some of those new skills into practice. Employers can also encourage job rotation as a method for employees, who have indicated their desire to get practical experience, to develop some additional skills.
  • Stretch assignments: This method involves management working with employees to understand where they wish to improve, and then finding assignments for employees to develop those skills.
  • Coaching: When talking about various employee development methods and their benefits, we can’t stress the importance of helping employees polish their skills through coaching. This method of skills development typically involves senior staffers working one-on-one with less experienced individuals.
  • Mentoring: This method involves senior leaders/management taking junior staff under their wing to help develop important skills that the mentored individual might lack.

Tips to improve your talent development process and skills.

  • Be vocal to cultivate talent
  • Connect opportunities to employee skills
  • Set goals for new opportunities
  • Help talent apply to learn


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